Our Portfolio: 

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Sewage Treatment Plants 
 Food Laboratory Environmental Laboratory  Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Sewage/Sullage/Water Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants 
Food Safety Assurance 
Water Analysis 
Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 
Effluent Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment Plants Analysis Of Mycotoxins 
Waste Water Analysis

Project Clearance From MOEF 
Gas Scrubbers
Waste Water Evaporators Analysis Of Adultration & Contamination In Food Products 
Ambient Air Monitoring & Work Zone Monitoring

State - PCB Liasioning Work (Consent Renewal / New Consent) 
Ultra/Nano Filtration Plants
Gas Scrubbers Nutritional Analysis And Labelling 
Clean Room Monitoring

Feasibility / Treatability Study of Water & Waste Water 
 Dust Collectors
Waste Water & Solid Waste Management Systems Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Testing  Stack & Fugitive Emission Monitoring 
 Risk Analysis  
Waste Water Evaporators
Residue Analysis

Noise Monitoring Sludge Analysis 
Disaster Management Plan 
Iron Removal Units
  Microbiology Soil Analysis HAZOP Pressure Media Filters
    Micrometeorology Environmental Modelling View Complete List

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